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We create stunning spectaculars and immersive experiences

Nighttime Spectaculars

Immersive Experiences

Corporate Events & Conferences

Galas & Special Events

Museum Installations

Live Music & Festivals

We design custom live experiences that present your story in a spectacular way. Whether you're hosting a grand celebration, capturing the attention of your attendees, or creating a new attraction that dazzles audiences, we help you deliver WOW moments your guests will never forget!

Bring your story to life 

Our Work

Our team works with you every step of the way—from the first concept meeting to show day—delivering a spectacular experience for you and your guests. Some of our services include:​​

  • Projection Mapping

  • Animation & Content Design

  • Story Development & Script Writing

  • Music Production

  • Narration & Voice Over 

  • Production Design: Lights, Sound, Scenic, Mobile Interactive, Drones, Pyrotechnics & FX

  • Project Management

  • Technical Production Services

We are a full service

creative design studio

Let's collaborate on your next project!

© 2024 Jeff Cason Designs LLC

© 2024 Jeff Cason Designs LLC

© 2024 Jeff Cason Designs LLC

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